Ke-La-Fitness Emotional & Mental Wellness
Good Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of healthy living. Food is medicine; what we eat can help us reach and maintain a healthy weight, enhance our overall health, and reduce our risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other ailments. While at Ke-La Fitness and Wellness Retreat, we’ll feed you delicious and nutritious meals and healthy snacks. You’ll learn about macronutrients and your nutritional needs, and you’ll be provided with an informational packet to take home with you. 
Exercise can help our lungs and heart function efficiently and can strengthen our muscles to prevent injury, making it another key ingredient of healthy living. Not only does it improve our stamina by training our body to use less energy, exercise can reduce stress, lift moods, and help us sleep better. While at Ke-La Fitness and Wellness Retreat, we’ll go hiking each day, and you’ll be introduced to a variety of cardio and strength training workouts as well as yoga and stretching classes. 
Emotional & Mental Health
Emotional and mental well-being is critical to our overall health. The way we process grievances such as loss, stress, and anxiety has a direct impact on how our physical body reacts. For example, when stressed some people experience severe stomach aches or high blood pressure. While at Ke-La Fitness and Wellness Retreat, we’ll practice mindfulness and discuss the different strategies we can all use to help maintain optimal emotional and mental health.
Studies show that adequate sleep (7 to 9 hours per night) plays a critical role in improving learning, memory, mood, and may help reduce inflammation and even prevent cancer. At Ke-La Fitness and Wellness Retreat, we’ll review the importance of sleep and discuss strategies for ensuring sound sleep.
Personal Growth
Personal growth is the ongoing process of learning through one’s life experiences. It is what makes us human–what keeps us going and motivated to improve ourselves and our situation. While at Ke-La Fitness and Wellness Retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to take on a new exercise routine and participate in nutritional, emotional and mental health classes. Each day you’ll add new strategies and information to your toolbox to set you up for success in maximizing personal growth, so that you can create and sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle.
Your weekend at Ke-La will be spent alongside a group of individuals who share similar fitness and wellness objectives, and who support one another in reaching their goals. We’ll share meals, hike alongside each other, and exercise together, and in the process we’ll develop new connections to encourage us in our journeys towards healthier lifestyles! 
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