Strong and Fit for Life!

Get Strong with me!

This program is designed to improve your total-body strength and cardiovascular endurance. Over the course of this intense 6-week program, you’ll build lean muscles as you constantly push your limits. I’ll be guiding you every step of the way and will help you reach your full potential and get the results you have been looking for.


Program open!

Program Overview:

I have put together a comprehensive online, 6 week fitness program that will ensure success when you follow the workout sessions provided. You will have step by step instruction that is easy to follow along with and designed to create a solid foundation to help you reach your goals.

PART ONE (Weeks 1-3): Develop the building blocks for strength and endurance, create muscular hypertrophy, and establish a base for cardiovascular conditioning. Prepare the body for week by week increased calorie burn.

PART TWO (Weeks 4-6): Develop optimal individual endurance & maximum strength potential. Tone developed muscles, and reach a high level of cardiovascular endurance. Reach maximum, individual, calorie burn.

Duration of Program:
6 Weeks 

Build Strength, Endurance, Muscle, & Cardiovascular Conditioning

Skill Level: 
Beginner to Intermediate

Total Cost:  Sliding Scale 

Program Includes:

  • 6 sessions per week 
  • Strength sessions targeted at building and toning small and large muscle groups
  • The HIIT sessions are designed to burn fat and improve your heart and lung fitness as well as your endurance.
  • 36 different workouts 
  • Facebook Support Group
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